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        Comparison of piezoelectric ceramics

        publish:HUIFENG  time:2017年06month19day

        For the website products, the following will be involved, it is the electronic ceramics this one, and it is also an important product, so, in order to reflect its importance, it will continue to learn and understand, so that we can understand and understand deeply, and increase the amount of knowledge in this area. Thus, to benefit from learning.

        1. is piezoelectric ceramic material variable in its parameters?

        In general, the parameters of piezoelectric ceramics are invariable, rather than changing as conditions change. However, it is important to note that the dielectric constant and elastic stiffness of the piezoelectric ceramic can be influenced by its thickness and diameter, so it can not be taken into account sometimes.

        2., is there any difference between the crystal oscillator of piezoelectric ceramic and quartz crystal oscillator?

        The two comparison of the crystal vibration of the piezoelectric ceramics and the quartz crystal vibration, then, there are certain differences, and it is mainly on the two of the precision and the temperature stability. Moreover, relatively speaking, the accuracy of quartz crystal oscillator can reach 6 points after the decimal point, and its unit is ppm.

        3. piezoelectric ceramics, why does it have polarity?

        The reason for a piezoelectric ceramic is that when a piezoelectric ceramic is subjected to a stress, the two surfaces of a piezoelectric ceramic will have a charge aggregation, thus generating a certain voltage. Because molecules are polar, they are divided into positive and negative elements. At the macro level, it is the accumulation of electric charges, which gives rise to positive and negative poles of piezoelectric ceramics.

        For piezoelectric ceramics, the above problems are not before, so, we will give a specific answer, so that we can get the correct understanding through learning so that some wrong ideas can be avoided. Then, we can realize the full use of knowledge and make it play its due role. In this way, everyone can benefit from it. Otherwise, it would be a pity if it was wasted.