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        Wuxi City HuiFeng Electronic.Co.Ltd was established in 1998. It is a joint stock company specializing in the research and development of electronic ceramics, production, sales and service. It is located in the city of Taihu, the city of Wuxi, which is known as the land of fish and rice.

        We are located 10 minutes from South of Jiangsu's huge international airport, 10 minutes from the high speed rail of Wuxi new area, convenient transportation, 11000 square meters of factory floor area, 15000 square meters of building area, and 150 existing employees.

        Huifeng has engaged a number of famous domestic experts in the industry of piezoelectric ceramics and ultrasound. The company uses 20% of the profit every year for new technology research and new product development.
        Nanotechnology has been applied to the fabrication process of piezoelectric materials and has made new breakthroughs. At present, all countries in the world are developing and developing lead-free piezoelectric ceramics.
        According to the standard of ISO9001:2000 quality management system.


        Wuxi Huifeng strictly operates in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certified in 2004. It improves the internal management procedures and post responsibilities, strengthens the quality supervision and control, and ensures the stability of the product quality.

        Wuxi Hui Feng's products are sold all over the world, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the European Union and North America.

        You are welcome to contact us and discuss the cooperation.
        Thank you for your support

        CONTACT US

        Welcome to contact us through the following contact, thank you for your long support.

        • Tel:0510-85310683
        • Fax:0510-85310683
        • Postcodes:214100
        • Address:No.20 16-3 plot,5th,Shuofang Industrial Concentrated Zone, New District, Wuxi 214142, Jiangsu, P.R.China
        • Website:www.ecohomestudio.com
        • Email:sales@hfpzt.com
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